⛰CLIMB TOKEN FINANCE a decentralized exchange (dapp) running on Binance Smart Chain and Pancake Swap Exchange fork. With the aim of the holders get profits thanks to the advanced financial strategies in the world DeFi, Yield Farms, Staking, Lending, Trading, Stock Market Tokens and Investments.
CLIMB holders can get profits without the need to lock their funds. Just by keeping CLIMB they will make profits and biweekly dividends in BUSD, rewards, and distribution of fees. If the holders want more profits, they can place their CLIMB tokens in staking or farming to generate profits in the alternative token MARS and MNTN.
We will innovate the #DeFi world of #BinanceSmartChain, creating the first ETTF (Exchange Traded Token Fund) and deflationary protocol. Giving returns to our holders through the unmineable token: $CLIMB.
Climb's main key features.
• Get profits from the main DeFi on a single platform just by buying the token.
Rewards: The fees generated by our platform will be redistributed to the holders.
Penalty fee: This fee will be distributed to those who still hold CLIMB, increasing their holdings. (Rewards).
• BuyBacks and burns constantly with the profits obtained in our financial strategies.
• Deflationary token.
• Deposit of money in one place.
• Diversified DeFi portfolio.
• Constant diversification.
• Biweekly dividends in BUSD.
• Withdrawals and deposits at any time and instantly.
• Non-inflationary token (Locked max supply).
• Constantly buyback and burn strategies with the profits obtained in our financial strategies (own fun).
• Consistent innovation.
• Exclusive limited offer token.
• Low token circulation.
• Profits from our platform reflected in the token price.
• Get profits just by buying a token.
• Constant capital injection.
• Confidence auditing
• Global reach.
• Does not require a minimum deposit.
• Low commission within our platform.
• Innovate and improve:
a) The current Yield Farms
b) Current liquidity systems
c) Current Staking Systems
d) Coin burning systems
e) Pools systems
f) The current decentralized exchanges. Creating own platforms
• Active administrative team with long-term projection.
• Controlled risk.
CLIMB is a token based on market supply and demand.