Climb Token Finance a decentralized exchange running on Binance Smart Chain and Pancake Swap Exchange hardfork. We work in the most liquid Exchange within the Binance Smart Chain network and Pancake Swap Liquidity, offering an easy way to exchange one BEP-20 token for another through automatic liquidity pools. Along with the lowest commissions. Our platform works directly with the liquidity of the pancakeswap blockchain, as a bridge, we are a Decentralized Exchange, where users exchange their tokens without going through us or some other entity (credits to pancake swap). We do not sell tokens or assets directly to our users.
We deployed a token where users determine its value, and we together with our platform gains will make the price go up.
We create a decentralized yield farm, all the power is in the users, not in us. CLIMB is a token based on market supply and demand.
We do not sell promises. We have not created a market, everything is on the pancakeswap blockchain. The tokens destined for the administration of the team will be used with any power. Always for the good of CLIMB. <3 No financial activity for us, everything happens through a contract in the Binance network that is not in our power, since all the power is in our users and the Blockchain. The CLIMB team will not manage other people's money.
Market liquidity is determined by a pancake swap contract and its users. Investing in decentralized tokens always reveals a risk, you yourself must be responsible for your movements within any decentralized platform. We don't take over.
Market liquidity comes from a decentralized contract on the blockchain.
Our platform is fully decentralized.
CLIMB is not considered a securities, it no longer sells promises. And it does not sell anything directly, everything goes directly to the blockchain or pancakeswap liquidity.
We are not a securities.
The CLIMB TOKEN FINANCE team has the right to do what is necessary with the Team Administration tokens. We are not developing, creating and releasing versions of decentralized exchange software to the general public, we use pancake swap fork.
If a user is buying or selling in a decentralized exchange like pancake swap fork, then there is no third-party to whom the user has handed over the information. This third-party carve-out to the warrant requirement would not apply. The bulk of the Bank Secrecy Act’s data collection and reporting obligations (e.g. SARs) are warrantless.
All of our contracts are decentralized. CLIMB TOKEN FINANCE, has renounced ownership of the BSCSCAN contracts. We are not responsible for your money movements or losses within the Binance Smart Chain network.
If CLIMB or MNTN are not regulated in your country, do not trade with us. Comply with regulations. We are not responsible for those who buy illegally. We do not sell CLIMB, users can buy our tokens on decentralized exchanges where we do not have absolute control. We are not responsible.
Last modified 2yr ago